September 19, 2018 Pro-Snow-Removal

How to Choose a Commercial Snow Plowing Service

How to Choose a Commercial Snow Plowing Service

Choosing a Commercial Snow Plowing and Ice Management Service can be a challenge, but this easy checklist can help you assess available services, and find the one that’s right for you!

Commercial Snow Service Checklist:

  1. What are the company’s specialties? Match this feature to your needs – does the company have experience with commercial and industrial lots and locations? Retail store parking lots, shopping malls and shopping centers? Cities and municipalities? How about trucking company lots and impound lots? Based on your type of commercial, retail or industrial location, think about the provider’s expertise in relationship to the type of space you need maintained.
  2. Weather Awareness and Dispatch? Ensure that all trucks and loaders are radio dispatched, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays, or on the specific schedule that fits your needs.
  3. What services are provided? Plowing, salting/sanding and hauling services are all services that can be provided. What areas will you need managed? Do those require more than snow plowing and removal, but also and ice management for safety?
  4. Service Excellence! Will you get an answering machine when you have a need for service? Or will you get a knowledgeable, ready team who answers your call on time, each time?
  5. Price. You want a provider who will give you the best price possible, of course! When accepting bids and considering cost, include the above factors and select a commercial snow service provider with the responsiveness and professionalism you need!

For over 30 years, we’ve served businesses and locations all around the Minneapolis – Saint Paul metro area. We’re ready for snow plowing, snow hauling and ice management, with supplies on hand and equipment maintained and prepared for you and your customers.

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